Johnson Painting Group

William Holt

William Holt has established himself as a much sought after artist in Melbourne and Sydney with his large organic abstractions.

These colourful, original paintings cover the broad spectrum of contemporary sensibility with their lush, dreamy, landscape-like environments. Johnson Painting Group donates a large amount of left over paint to William. Not only does this assist him create these wonderful pieces of art, but reduces wastage of unwanted and unused paint. This fits into our Sustainability Policy and Environmental Management Plan. We aim to donate or reuse anything and everything we possibly can, reducing harm on the environment.

If you would like to see one of William’s Exhibitions or contact him please see the details below.
William Holt Art Gallery & Studio:

Location: 1990 Tarra Valley Rd Tarra Valley Gippsland Victoria.
Phone: 03 5186 1342
Mobile: 0419 206 358