Johnson Painting Group

Factories – Hastings

In April 2011 Johnson Painting Group was engaged in facilitating the painting, line marking and cleaning of 3 factories in Hastings, Victoria.

With Rosemont Constructions Pty Ltd commissioning Johnson Paining Group, we were able to show our full capabilities to deliver a range of services at a high standard. We were able to show strong professional results throughout the external tilt slab concrete panels and internal multi storey offices. Cleaning, line marking and of course painting were the major components of the job, but we also applied a clear “non slip coating” on the stairs leading up to the second storey offices, maximising safety whilst not losing the visual beauty of the natural timber.

We successfully completed this project using a scissor lift due to the height and ensured that it was delivered on time with some weekend work on these colourful tilt slab factories.